C Section

Corpral Denton

“Corporal Denton, serious and calm, a rock in any situation”A little older than the others. A professional soldier. Working class, secure and capable. Not unlike Hesketh in a male way. Perhaps a man who is taken for granted, and isn’t unhappy with that.

Rifelman Hartigan

”Hartigan who would rather stitch a wound than inflict one but who we all knew would do whatever the section needed, whatever it cost him”Medic. Lower middle class. Deeply appreciates belonging and being accepted. He’s always going to struggle with the hard-edged facets of military life, but is also deeply loyal and takes his self-image from acceptance, belonging and doing his duty.

Rifelman Deaks

“Deaks, with his preferred sharpshooter, class clown and the most likely to say whatever we were all thinking.”Working class welsh lad. About 20. One of those men who get through life by making light of it, making a joke of it, and where possible getting others to like him with humour. But a serious and conscientious soldier and an excellent shot. Harmless, well-meaning, likeable, kind and loyal. Liked and trusted by the others. He looks up to Si, but wouldn’t say so out loud.

Rifelman Milton

“Milton, youngest of us and in some ways the cleverest; section communications specialist and bearer of the Bowman.” Barely 19. Not even shaving properly yet. Fair hair, fair skin. Serious and apparently gentle and not suited to a soldier’s life, but actually great inner strength. A respected member of the team. Likely to ask a thoughtful question of another. Likely to notice how others are feeling. Working class, but not obviously so.

Rifelman Thomson

“Thompson, strong as an ox, carrying the gimpy with conscious ease.”Big, simple working class lad. Midlands perhaps. Cheerful, easy going.