• Name: Gerald Page, Second Lieutenant
  • Age: 26
  • Eyes: Blue flecked with hazel
  • Hair: Walnut brown, receding slightly
  • Height: 6'0
  • interests: Literature, supports Chelsea FC, a decent rugby player
"You won’t do anything silly if I go?"
̶ Gerald

Si’s equal in rank, the only other junior officer, the two share the grunt-work of overseeing everything that can’t be left to non-commissioned officers. They take command duty of the Patrol Base on a shift when Snowhall and Dan Granger (his second in command) are sleeping or otherwise busy. They lead patrols, undertake training, supervise and inspect work parties and those on stag (guard duty).

Gerald is a good, capable, loyal officer. Easy going, likeable and competent. He doesn’t have Si’s flair, or Si’s risk taking ability. He knows his worth and also appreciates Si’s qualities. He will go on from here to have a good career in the army, but not a spectacular one.