• Name: Helen Ellice
  • Age: 56
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Hair: Somewhere between honey blonde and caramel brown
  • Height: 5'9
  • interests: Country life, hunting, socialising, elegance in all its forms
"We just don’t want to lose you again, that’s all. I know you’ll always be restless. You’re like Avus in that way and it can’t be helped. We won’t try to make you into something you’re not."
̶ Helen

Simon’s mother. Helen is beautiful and intelligent, capable of love and warmth but with poor capacity for self discipline she tends to a narcissistic self indulgence. In many ways kind and lovely, Helen has learned that the best way to approach life is to stay happy. If you don’t take it too seriously it can’t get you. In flight from the consequences and the pain inherent in the poor choices she has made, she tends to treat life, other people and herself as light, amusing things of little consequence. That said, when circumstances demand, she can be courageous, loyal and deeply caring. She and Simon share the trait that they are at their best when pushed and at their worst when subject to routine.

Her parents, should they have been asked, would never have said that she was bred to ride to hounds, be decorative and provide heirs, but that is the truth of it. Tough and selfish, light and effervescent, charming beyond words, she brings chaos in her train and looks on bemused, not understanding what she’s done. Sometimes not even really understanding that others are not she.

But that is not the whole of it. Life catches up with her in the desert and bursts the bubble. She discovers that she cares, and in her love for Ed, finds some of the maternal softness that had previously eluded her. In her son, when she sees him clearly, she finds a hero. Life of the heart starts late for her but good things are to come.