• Name: Samantha Jane Wealdon
  • Age: 24
  • Eyes: Iron grey
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Height: 5'11
  • interests: killing, adventure, sex, herself
"She's not as nice as she looks"
̶ Zara

Guy’s bloodthirsty and beautiful daughter, whose wild nature is matched with Si’s calculated grace. She has her mother’s looks, presumably, and her father’s brains; disturbingly, a lot of his personality too. Not one to discriminate, Guy brought her up as he would a son; teaching her the art of war, not peace.

Bright as polished steel, she picked up an education of sorts in between expulsions from the best schools. Where Guy is a cold fish, Sam has passions; immoderate, unreasonable, destructive passions. Like Si, she can handle anything, except boredom.

Where Simon acts with considered precision, Sam finds joy in mindless violence. Exciting as he finds her, Simon begins to realise that she might be more trouble than she’s worth. When the mood takes her she will kill for pleasure and she will not tolerate any other women having any importance in the lives of the men within her orbit. When Simon is bored he may do something dangerous, when Sam is bored she will do something destructive.