• Name: Soumaiya Demsiri (Soumy)
  • Age: 20
  • Eyes: Dark
  • Hair: Dark
  • Height: 5'3
  • interests: Literature, languages, history, an excellent cook
"She has a way of looking at me from under her long lashes that is very sad."
̶ Si

Slavery of one kind or another was written into Soumy’s destiny from generations back. As a child of a poor family and as a woman, she was never more than a commodity. Her father gave her to Guy in recompense for a consignment of hash that was lost. As the most beautiful of his women, he used her to keep house, and whatever else was asked of her, for his right-hand man.

If Si treated her better than she expected, it was little to his credit. She served him as a slave and he accepted her service. He let her wear western clothes and didn’t beat her. Big deal. Where he is selfish and thoughtless she is kind and caring. Soumy is probably the wisest person Si will ever know. And one of the strongest. Sometimes he has the sense to see this and do what she tells him.