• Name: Zara
  • Age: Wouldn't you like to know
  • Eyes: Watery blue
  • Hair: Bleach Blonde
  • Height: 5'9
  • interests: Herself, drinking, clothes
"I used to have an arse like that."
̶ Zara

Zara is the latest in Guy’s carousel of amusements. Narcissistic, conceited and almost over the hill, with less significance to Guy than one of his cars; the only value she puts on herself is in her appearance. She is content as long as she’s got a drink in her hand and can most often be found passed out on a sun lounger by the pool.

She is bitterly jealous of Sam, who aside from being young and beautiful, was a feature of Guy’s life before and will remain after Zara is discarded. Sam takes joy in tormenting Zara with her impermenancy: although Zara is historically an alpha female, she is nothing compared to Sam, who wins altercations before they even begin.